I want to hear from you

In Proverbs 11:14 it says, "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellers there is safety."It is not only important to hear many voices, but to also see from a different perspective. Even more so in the body of Christ, we need each other and no part can say to another,"I have no need of you".

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Josh Terada
A call to pray

God has put it on my heart tonight to ask for prayer on behalf of the Jr. High & High School students of our Youth ministry. Week in & week our leaders come along students who are struggling with addictions, depression, backsliding, among many other things. And there are also students who are growing the gifts God has given them, sharing the gospel, and giving themselves to the work of God. 

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YouthJosh TeradaPrayer
We believe in prayer, so we do it a lot!

Jesus said in Matthew 21 that His house is to be a house of prayer. So, one of our major objectives this year is to make prayer something we do a lot of. This past Midweek service our High School group took time to pray together. These times are so important and powerful for us.

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High SchoolYOUTH
What To Do When Things Aren't Going Great

“I suck at being a mom” It was the text I sent to my husband on a Friday morning. It was only 5:35 am and I felt like a miserable failure to my boys.
I’ve been a mom for 24 years and I’ve had some glorious days where I, in fact, have been “Super mom” You know her right? The cape flapping in the wind, a giant M on her chest. The power stance, hands on hips, shoulders back, head high. I’ve been amazing. 

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The Sound of Depth | Spotify

June's playlist is one that beckons the listener to be rooted in God. In whatever stage of life, whether trial or great joy, each song ministers to the heart to deepen their roots in the promises of God. Being rooted is not simply knowing who God is personally, but trusting in him intentionally.

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The Journey Is Too Much

Elijah had just achieved a great victory on Mount Carmel, now he was thoroughly drained in body and soul.The devil, who delights in attacking us when we are vulnerable, took full advantage of the situation through Jezebel's threat to kill Elijah. Exhausted and discouraged, Elijah sat down and prayed that it all would end. "I have had enough Lord," he said. "Take my life." (1 Kings 19:4)

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Jr. High Ministry Transition

As of this week, Chad Khazendar will step down from leading the Jr. High Ministry. We are excited for what God will do in him and in this ministry through this transition. Chad will continue to attend Calvary Chapel East Anaheim, and will go to Calvary Chapel Bible College to equip himself in the Word of God for the calling of ministry God has put on his life.

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Youth Sunday 2018 Recap

So thankful for what God did through us to serve our church this past weekend! Our students & leaders led worship, served baked goods, declared of what God has in our lives through Cardboard Testimonies. Praise the Lord for all that He did, and is yet to do in & through us! 

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Youth, Event RecapsYOUTH
Be Lifted High - 2018 Winter Retreat Worship Video

We have no words to describe how powerful, personal, and life changing the 2018 Winter Retreat was for us as a ministry and individuals. God met His people on the mountain, and we came down from the retreat changed and ready to advance into this next season with grit and determination. Praise the Lord for what He has done, may His name be lifted high by the way we live and seek His face. 

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