A little worship get-together

We believe God has great plans for our church and this Youth family He is raising up among us. And we know, if we are to walk in the plans, we must be sure to kneel in prayer. This month of November we've titled "A November To Remember", to push each other to not just find time, but make time to pray and seek Jesus' face.  This worship night was a time for us to get-together to connect with Jesus and each other over some good food and even better worship. Spoiler alert, it was AMAZING!

Special thank you to the Lange family for graciously opening their home, and allowing us to fill their house with twice the amount of students as we had expected. 

We're filled with expectation and excitement about what God is doing in our midst, but we are thankful that even with our great expectations, that our great God can & will exceed them all. 


View photos from the hang-out time below