His House Series

His House Series

Throughout the Bible, God takes time to give special instructions to the construction of the temple in Jerusalem, as well as a detailed description of the glory of the new heaven & earth. Is there a reason for this? Of course there is!  In this two week All Youth series, we will study these passages and apply these essentials principles to our ministry & own lives.

If you've been in the High School room lately, you may have noticed some new lighting systems and improvements to the room. On the second and final week of this series, we will introduce and dedicate them to the Lord.

Why will Jr. High be joining in this series? Because not only will the principles of this message apply to both High School & Jr. High age groups, the completion of the first phase of High School Sanctuary improvements in turn means the beginning of a new phase of improvements for the Jr. High Sanctuary.

Pastor Darrell Chambers will begin this series with a word out of Malachi 1:6-14 with a message titled: "Giving God Your Best". We will also take communion together as a Youth Ministry family.

Ever wonder why the Bible includes these chapters full of measurements, instructions, and detailed descriptions of the temple in Jerusalem? Well, they are a treasure chest of truth about God's heart for us, and in turn what our heart as a church should be toward Him. To conclude this two week series, Josh will deliver a message out of Exodus, 1 Kings, and Revelation. We will then close the service with a time of anointing as we dedicate ourselves and the sanctuary to the King of Kings.