14 Professions of Faith: Westminster High School Outreach


It's no secret that high school campuses can be extremely dark places where the light struggles to shine through. That's not to say there aren't those who work tirelessly to bring the light into the dark. Yesterday we had the awesome opportunity at Westminster High School of partnering with those who do just that. Pastor Josh was able to give a 15 minute message to a group of about 40 students and, after all was said and done, 14 re-dedications/professions of faith were made! 


We partnered with Calvary Chapel Westgrove and New Vision Fellowship to help facilitate  the school's Bible club, Risen. There was pizza, corporate prayer, and an awesome time of teaching and fellowship. It was so encouraging to see God's kingdom being built in a place where Christianity is so commonly suppressed.


In spite of much opposition, Risen has grown since its inception and continues to add more and more high schoolers to its ranks with each passing meeting. The people behind the ministry, Pastor Matt Nakamoto and his team, are being used in a mighty way--but they need your prayers! Ask God that they would have favor and boldness, and that revival would come to Westminster High School as a result. God is stirring the hearts of the youth, and it's going to culminate in a tidal wave that can't be stopped! 

If you want to bring Josh to your school, email Kyra Lange at kyra.lange@cc-ea.org.