How to un-worry your heart

Are you worried?

Do you ever feel like your getting buried in worry? As humans we are all prone to worry. It's so easy to get caught up in fretting about the problems and uncertainties of life. Worry can be very distracting and keep us from living in the moment. 

What worries you?

Will I pass my test? Do people like me? What college should I go to? What kind of job should I do in the future. Why are things at home so difficult? You may be facing situations you have no control over, worry about an uncertain future can overwhelm everything else in our lives.

How to un-worry like Jesus 

As a Christian, you do not have to worry because you have an incredible Father who cares more about you than you can possibly imagine. So seek Him first, and let Him take Care of you.


Memorize this verse to arm yourself against worry. 

“Can all your worries add
a single moment to you life?
Of course not.”
— Matthew 6:27

Go deeper

Read also: Psalm 37:1-8 & Matthew 6:25-34