4 Important Steps in Becoming a Worship Leader

Leading people into the presence of God through worship is an honor, blessing, and notable responsibility. God equips and calls specific people into worship ministry to use their specific gifts to bless the body.  Could He be calling you?


The first part of pursuing worship ministry is identifying if the desire is in you, and whether or not it’s God-given.  If you start sensing a call, a few good questions to ask yourself may be: Why do I want to be a part of worship ministry?  Is it because I want to stand on a stage, or is it more?  Would I be satisfied with whatever role I’m given?  Can I work under a leader and with a team?  These are good questions to ask because they target your motive.

For man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. (1 Samual 16:7)


As a team, each individual contributes to the ministry in their own unique way.  God equips the bassist to play the bass, the drummer to play the drums, the pianist to play piano, the singer to sing, and so on.  Knowing your part is important to work together as a team—it’s just as important as treating every team member as an equal.  If you’re not called to be a singer, then don’t try to fill a role the Lord hasn’t placed you in.  Everyone on a team is a worship leader.


There is no better time to respond to the call then the perfect, unfailing time of our Lord Jesus.  
After all, you want to be ready for the blessing and the responsibility that the ministry entails.  Knowing you are called to worship doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for you to start.  For some, God’s timing is immediate, for others, they spend a period praying and waiting patiently before they bear fruit in worship ministry.  As for my personal experience, I knew I was called to worship ministry when I entered Junior High, but I felt the Lord wanted me to wait until High School to join the worship team, and I saw so much fruit from that decision to wait!


When the time comes, take the step!  Join the ministry, and see how the Lord works through you and in you!  Worship is such a sweet and intimate way to grow closer to the Lord (and you don’t have to be a worship leader to experience that!).  Be adamant in developing the gifts God has given you and growing as a team with one heart and mind.  Remember that God is pleased with your heart, so even more importantly than giving God your best in music, give Him all your heart as you worship, and you can’t go wrong.