Tournament Of The Year



Tournament of the Year was one of the best events we have had for our Youth. It was a night of fun, laughter, friendly rivalry and competition. We kicked off the night with a tailgate party at the church and enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs. The teams started getting hyped up and even had meetings to develop their strategies to win and defeat the other team. Once we got to the gym we started the tournament with dodgeball. The game was pretty close, but ended with the upperclassmen taking the win. The next game we played was capture the flag. After alot of running, tagging and capturing the lowerclassmen took the win. The tournament had to be settled with a final game to declare the winners. One round of capture the flag was won by the lowerclassmen and the final round to decide the winner was dodgeball. The captains competed for this round. The tournament was won by the lowerclassmen and the upperclassmen got pied in the face! It was a great night from start to finish!