5 Days of Focused Prayer & Fasting

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"Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap steadfast love, FOR IT IS TIME TO SEEK GOD, that He may come & rain righteousness upon." - Hosea 10:12

5 DAYS OF FOCUSED PRAYER | Mon. July 15th - Fri. July 19th

Every retreat we gather around the expectation that God will come down and meet us upon mountain for this year's retreat weekend. But, a working faith is a faith that works, and will apply itself to accessing, believing, and persisting in the promises of God. In these 5 days leading to the retreat weekend, anyone who is willing and especially those attending the retreat are invited to join our leadership team in purposing to pray & seek God for the weekend.

The standard Seek Week fast is a a natural fast, where we will restrict ourselves to fruits, vegetables, nuts, and liquids. But, some will also fast from their cell phone, social media, junk food, tv, or other things that take up time and are a normal part of our life. The purpose of this, is to act as a sacrifice and a reminder whenever we feel the urge to eat what we would normally crave, to instead grow our spiritual appetite in prayer. 

Tag us on Instagram @cceayouth when you post about #SeekWeek2019 on your story or feed, so we can share it and encourage each other to seek the Lord!

I believe the calling of God to many of us is to go deeper into His presence and all He has for us. There are not many better ways than to do this than to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by praying & fasting. There is something special found in this combination of seeking & sacrifice that sanctifies, strengthens, and sets us up for great encounters with Himself.
Lets do this church family! - Josh)