Jasmin | Bring To Light

Paul says, "Whatever I am, it is because God poured special favor on me, and it was not without effect." Jasmin was not always who she is today, and who she is today is all because of the grace, love, and faithfulness of Jesus. This is a brief snippet of the story God has written in her life, and how He has redeemed and repurposed her for the good & His glory.  She will share her full story at the Bring to Light girls event on February 24th. 


Details: Saturday, February 24th (11am) / Free event (lunch included) 

Details: Saturday, February 24th (11am) / Free event (lunch included) 

Attention high school girls, you’re invited to our Bring to Light conference. It’s our heart to deepen our relationships with one another. It’s normal to feel ashamed for things in our past, but that does not define who we are today in Christ. This isn’t your normal sexual purity conference because we know that’s only one aspect of purity that God wants for us. Bringing to light any hidden or shameful sins we’re still dealing with, starts with revealing those things to the Lord. Is there something hiding within your heart that God is calling into His light?

Note: Our leaders will share their testimonies, and will be honest and vulnerable about what God has brought them through. This is not a time where sin will be glorified, but it will be discussed in the light of God's redemption.

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