I want to hear from you

I want to hear from you

A letter from Pastor Josh

In Proverbs 11:14 it says, "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellersthere is safety."It is not only important to hear many voices,but to also see from different perspectives. Even more so in the body of Christ, we need each other and no part can say to another,"I have no need of you".

Right now, we see God doing great things within the Youth Ministry. There are more students serving in this church than we've ever seen, many newcomers are being quickly enfolded, the Word of God is being taught and applied, we are witnessing real & radical life change by the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of students, and in response we are planning to make 2019 our biggest year of outreach ever.

This being said, I am always searching this ministry and myself for ways to improve and progress forward. And I want to humbly ask for your helpin this! As a parent or a student, you have a perspective that our leadership team and I do not have and I want to hear from you.  If God has put a concern or suggestionon your heart to share with me I want to sincerely & humbly hear you out. My hope is that by opening this dialogue we can partner together to better serve the eachother and build the Kingdom of God.

It is the privilege of my life to serve and give my life to serving in this ministry and the families within it, and I am filled with great anticipation for what God has in store for us!  

Thank you for taking the time to read this email!

- Pastor Josh Terada

Josh Terada