Jr. High Ministry Transition

As of this week, Chad Khazendar will step down from leading the Jr. High Ministry. We are excited for what God will do in him and in this ministry through this transition. Chad will continue to attend Calvary Chapel East Anaheim, and will go to Calvary Chapel Bible College to equip himself in the Word of God for the calling of ministry God has put on his life. Through this transition, Pastor Josh Terada will assume more hands-on role in leading the Jr. High Ministry in addition to his role in the High School Ministry.  We praise the Lord along with Chad for what He has done and will do! 



Where do I start? These past years have been amazing. They have truly been life-changing. It all started with working as an intern at the church, but it lead me to discovering my calling and my career. I have treasured every single moment that I’ve had in this ministry and I know that this isn’t the end. Although I am hurting very, very badly and deeply saddened, I have a weird sense of peace that I know can only come from God. The Lord does things sometimes that seem outside of “our plans” and don’t really align with what we want. I know that the Lord has called me into ministry, and I want to be able to present the very best for Him. I believe that this really is necessary and that it is from the Lord. He knows that I chose to make ministry my life, and now He is seeing if I will truly stick to that even when times get tough. As many of you know, Kyra and I got engaged and are now planning our wedding! Although this is big and exciting news, it is also scary news, considering that I will have to support a wife and in the future a family in the coming years. After talking with Josh, there is no better time to get educated and deepen my relationship with the Lord than now. This time will be used to attend Bible college and to come back next year fully equipped to hopefully become a pastor and do what the Lord wants in my life. I will still be attending CCEA for Sunday Morning 9:00am service as well as (hopefully) Wednesday nights. I’ll still be around and we’ll bump into each other! Also, if you ever stop by In n Out, ask if I’m there and ask to say “hi” to me! I will miss you all so much and it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

- Chad Khazanedar

Our Jr. High Leadership team praising and praying to God for Chad's calling and pursuit after it. 

Our Jr. High Leadership team praising and praying to God for Chad's calling and pursuit after it. 


It has personally been a privilege and joy of mine to serve alongside Chad for these past four years. God has given many gifts to Chad and has also given us the gift of Chad to us by grace, and it is something I have not taken for granted.

It has always apparently obvious to me, but over the course of this year, God has clearly verified and confirmed His calling on Chad’s life for pastoral ministry. Therefore, with his recent engagement with Kyra, and all that comes with planning for a wedding, transitioning into marriage, & starting a family, this is the time for Chad to equip & prepare for His lifelong calling. Both Pastor Bob and I agree that this is the right decision at this time, and will continue to have a hand in Chad’s life. Change is always uncomfortable, however, we are all very excited for what lies ahead for both the Jr. High Ministry & Chad.

I will assume a more & hands-on roll in leading the Jr. High Ministry and I am excited to spend more time with my little friends who I love! God’s timing is perfect, and God is already stirring things in my mind to continue to grow & establish the ministry, and each student personally.

Greater things are yet to come!

- Pastor Josh Terada