Dear Single Parent... | HFTH

Written by Edie Chambers

Written by Edie Chambers


I wanted to share some thoughts about Single parents - I want to make sure you know that we are here for you as well. That we see you. That we know how hard it is for you. I know this because I was raised by a single mom. She worked nights to support her 5 kids financially - she felt the burden of us not having a father, she wondered how that would impact us. Unfortunately, she also struggled with sickness of body as well as alcohol dependency. We were fractured - and at times all seemed lost. But God.



We had started attending Canoga Park Pres when I was 5 years old. My dad found the church and it had a strong youth program. He was a very wise man and he wanted to make sure his kids had a place to attend where they felt safe. He had no idea that that body of Christ would be the second home to his youngest daughter. You see, it was there I encountered Jesus “with skin on” I met Mrs. Shirley Layton in my kindergarten class. She led me to Jesus and in Junior High her daughter became one of my best friends - even to this day. The next year I met Mrs. Marilyn Tracy. She was my 1st grade Sunday school teacher and her daughter and I became inseparable. Those extra moms were married to some awesome men and they became my extra Dads along with Mr. Kennedy, Dr. Steele,  and a few of the men from the choir that my mom sang in. Relationships started forming and then When I was 7 my Dad passed away. These families told my Dad they would watch over us. They meant every word. My junior high and high school years are full of some of the best memories I ever made. Youth camps, adventures, baseball games, movie nights, water skiing. When I couldn’t stand being at home because of all the fighting and alcohol, I would eat dinner with families from the church. My Pastor, Youth Pastors, and their wives, even the church custodian would welcome me with open arms and let me vent. The body of Christ is the reason I had some normalcy in my life. My high school group was my family. They stood with me through it all.


"The body of Christ is the reason I had some normalcy in my life. My high school group was my family. They stood with me through it all."



Single parents,  the church is your greatest resource for balancing out the weight you bear. And to the Church - be about the business of caring for the widows and orphans. I lost my biological Dad yes, but I had several “extra” dads who came alongside and took me on as their own they taught me to drive in the snow, taught me to change the oil in my car, balance the checkbook, unclog a toilet. 

Parents get you kids into Royal Rangers, impact girls or youth ministry - there are Godly men and women who are called to come alongside your kids to love them and care for them. Wouldn’t you rather have them hanging out at church where they are loved by Gods love than hanging out who knows where? I’m proud of our kids in youth ministry - such a welcoming group - so many different opportunities - we are here for you as well. To love and pray for you whenever you need us.