JHI Small Groups // Teaching Application


Small groups are one of our favorite parts of services - they’re a time to go deep, get real, and support each other. Another thing that is great about small groups is how they take the message that is taught and bring it into a discussion and into practical applications. This last Wednesday at midweek, the junior high girls took the message they heard about self control and are actively applying it to their lives. Read about what our junior high leader, Jazmin Kennelly, wrote about the application activity that her small group did this last Wednesday:

“Tonight the message was about having self control and what that looks like in our lives. To make this message easy to apply and carry out, we made a list of the things we need more self control in. It may be something like spend more quiet time with the Lord or it could be using our phones less or maybe being a better student by improving time management and study skills. We each picked one thing off our list to really focus on in the next couple weeks. We are going to intentionally work on that area to improve our self control. We have a group chat so that we can hold each other truly accountable and encourage each other through the struggles this may bring!”

- Jazmin Kennelly (JHI Leader)