Testimonies from Past Retreats



Retreats have always been special times with each other and especially the Lord. During every session, God’s power is strongly felt and is clearly seen throughout the room. Witnessing this power fill a room is incredible, but how it impacts and changes people individually is a kind of power that goes beyond a sanctuary on a mountaintop. We believe that personal testimonies of God’s power are worthy to be acknowledged, not because the people who experience it are worthy of praise, but because they are a demonstration of God’s grace, love, and care for His children.



“A youth retreat is more than just fun or hanging out with your friends, it’s time to retreat from our daily routines and livelihood. Retreats are about spending time with the Lord on an emotional and spiritual level to learn the love of the Lord and to show it. On my first high school retreat as a freshman I experienced God like never before. God showed me how wonderful He is and how much He loves me. He didn’t just show me through one on one time with Him, but God showed me His love through other people on this amazing retreat. I didn’t just get closer to the Lord like never before, but I got closer to friends who I can truly call my brothers and sisters in Christ. Don’t be afraid for what God has for you on this retreat. Be excited and humble, willing to give up your life to serve Him.”

- Jonny Hamlett // High School Junior

“Last winter retreat the Lord completely exceeded any expectation I had. The memory that stands out to me the most is a high school girl I spoke to during the afterglow; she was so vulnerable about the state she was in with the Lord and was so ready to commit her entire life to Him but didn’t really know how to. To this day I walk alongside her in her relationship with God, it’s a beautiful thing to witness.”

- Jasmin Hernandez // High School Leader

Last winter retreat was my very first retreat with CCEA,  and I can say with confidence that God was moving and working. It was my first event and I didn’t know anyone I thought was a bad thing, but now I know that God had a purpose for that. Having friends makes retreats 10 times more fun- everyone knows that. But at the end of the day, retreats are meant to be a designated time for you and the friend who is closer than a brother, Jesus. Instead of hanging out with my friends during free time, I “hung out” with God through prayer and reading my Bible. The reason I’m saying all this is because the next winter retreat is quickly approaching, and I just want to encourage you all to seek God. You will always have time to be with your friends, but also remember to take time to be with Jesus.

- Madison Hasbun // High School Junior

“Retreats were some of the most influential experiences of my high school career. Something about leaving behind the cares of day to day life and going up this mountain with a group of people for one purpose just made Jesus more of a reality to me. But on top of building relationships with Christ, the retreats I went to helped me build Christ centered relationships with peers and leaders alike that I still have to this day.”

- Josh Teasley // Junior High Leader



With our winter retreat quickly approaching, we are waiting with anticipation to see how God is going to change and impact people’s lives. God has already done so much, and we are so thankful that He doesn’t get tired of meeting us where we are, changing us in deep ways, and blessing us immensely.