The Prep for Sunday Morning Services



There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes (and in the early mornings) that make our services possible. Every morning before each Sunday service, the worship team gets to church an hour and a half before service to do sound check and rehearse the set they’ll be playing. The other team that gets there early with them is the tech team. They’re the ones that make sure all of the slides needed for the morning are in the computer, the sound is working and mixed well, and the lights are all turned on and working.

There are so many other volunteers that do practical and spiritual behind the scenes work; whether it be the ushers gathering more chairs, or the leaders praying for students throughout the week, we would not be able to function like we do without the hearts and help of our volunteers. Being able to see the visible work that God is doing through the volunteers is in and of itself amazing, but it’s crazy to think that there is a much deeper, eternal impact that is happening as well all because of God’s grace and the faithfulness of our team.