God at Work: Margaret Kwok


God at Work // What God is Teaching Our Students

We’re back for week 3 of our March Series, God at Work, and this week we get to hear from Margaret Kwok on what she has been going through and what God has been showing her in this season of her life.

Hello pals,

As life can often be, life has been very confusing lately. Personally, I have not been at peace with many different situations in my life, and I’ve found myself constantly anxious and angry in these situations that I have little to no control over. I do not feel myself lately. People and things in my life that used to be secure are no longer reliable. But through all of this, I’ve truly learned to seek God.

Lately Jesus has been revealing to me the importance of relying on Him in ALL seasons. I have found myself wishing so badly that I had sought Christ when everything “was good,” and not just when I became desperate. It isn’t that I wasn’t seeking Christ at all, but I kept putting Jesus second to my own agenda. This is something that I believe all Christians are guilty of in one way or another, especially us trying to navigate through life as teenagers. I have learned first hand that relying on God & ONLY God is more important than words can describe.    

As I’ve been told my entire life, I can now really say that all people will change and you simply cannot put your faith in people. It does not matter how close you are to them, how much you relate to them, or how much you have opened up to them - people change and you cannot do anything about it. This isn’t to say that all the people / friends in your life will brutally betray you or intentionally hurt you. It just shows how when you put all of your faith, or even just a good amount of your faith in people, you will find yourself hurt and broken because they are not constant.

On another note, I spent 14 years pouring my heart and soul into a sport that I thought would determine my future. I had been putting in 25-30 hours a week, dedicated to training competitively since I was in second grade; my agenda was gymnastics, but that wasn’t God’s agenda. Long story short, this October while preparing for season I had to get an MRI on my back. I was told I had osteoarthritis. This is something that would not go away, but would only progress if I continued to do gymnastics. My plan was to push through the pain and keep doing gymnastics. But my body said otherwise, and I ended up choosing to give up gymnastics. It may sound dramatic, but it was and still is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. There have been days when I wake up feeling not only unaccomplished but feeling empty; only through God have I been able to find my purpose.

Before quitting gymnastics, I felt part of my purpose and validation was gymnastics but the entire time it should have been God. The second that you put your faith in anything other than God, you are setting yourself up for failure. I know not everyone can directly relate to this if you do not do a sport, but I think this feeling of unaccomplishment can be applied to all areas of life. As teenagers we constantly feel pressure more intensely than we need to. We freak out before big tests, we get angry when our reputation is ruined by drama, and we are all insecure. We crave so badly to be validated through social media, our crushes or even or girlfriends or boyfriends. This is not how God has designed us. If we see ourselves only to the standards of what these things have to offer, we are seeing ourselves as much less than what we are.

I have tried my best to manage my time and start pouring my heart into things that will lead others to Christ. Some of these things include strongly advocating for the unborn on social media, being genuinely encouraging for not only my friends but people who I see are struggling, and of course spending more time praying, reading my Bible, and growing in my relationship with Christ. One of my favorite verses lately has been Ephesians 2: 10… Look it up! LOL open that Bible :-)

Right: Margaret Kwok

Right: Margaret Kwok

When we find our identity in Christ we learn that we are unique, beautiful, special, and LOVED. We are loved in a way our minds cannot comprehend. Everything other than God at one point or another will lead to some form of emptiness because it is of this world and not Christ. The only thing that is constant is Christ. Learning to FULLY put your confidence in Christ is not easy but it is essential if you want to grow in your relationship with Him. I pray that this can somehow speak to someone and maybe encourage anyone who feels empty or confused lately. Jesus truly is the only place to find your validation and fulfillment.

-Margaret Kwok <3