Leader Testimony // Catania Calavitta


LEADER TESTIMONY | The Story Behind the Servant

I’m a sucker for happy endings. The mom lives, the family gets to keep the dog, the curse is broken, and my personal favorite, true love prevails. It’s what I love about fairy tales. The prince always finds the princess and they inevitably live happily ever after.  As a kid, these stories with promises of hopeful conclusions are what filled my thoughts and dreams and I admittedly closely associated myself with Cinderella… emphasis on the cinder. I grew up in a family of eleven and anyone who knows big families knows the bigger the family, the bigger the chores. As I was forced to scrub what seemed like mountains of dishes from my stool that made me just tall enough to reach the sink, and as I held my nose while carefully placing my brothers’ rancid clothing in the washer, I dreamed of the day when my prince charming would sweep me off my feet. 

That day came in the spring of my junior year of high school. He didn’t come on a white horse with a glass slipper, but the goofy sense of humor and the endearing smile seemed to me like more than enough. While I was ready to have the sun set on our happily ever after, the clock struck 12 and reality hit: my Prince Charming was Mormon. 

Determined to make the glass slipper fit, however, I ignored my Christian upbringing and fell head over [glass] heels for this sweet prince. Our relationship progressed throughout my senior year and beyond, but took a turn for the worse shortly after graduation. Prince Charming left for a Mormon mission to Ecuador, in which all communication between us was cut off except for a short hour of emailing on Mondays. But, like the fairy tales taught me as a kid, I believed that true love conquered all distance; even the distance of being different religions. My prince though, he disagreed. It wasn’t long before the glass shoe that had safely encased my future shattered before me and left me cut, bleeding, and alone. 

I believe that when we’re told fairytales as little kids, the most important part is often left out: the author. The glass slipper and the prince charming all seem so exciting, but are, in truth, fading. You see, as I lay broken by my own misguided notions of what I thought was my fairytale, I got to know who was writing my story. (And thank goodness it wasn’t a Grimm brother). The same God who “stretched forth the heavens and spread abroad the earth” wrote my story long before I even opened the book. And spoiler alert… it has a happy ending.   

Since turning my attention from the plot to the Creator, I’ve experienced adventures that Cinderella could only dream of: 

Chapter 1: The Lord has since called me to serve in the high school ministry, where I get the privilege of aiding young princesses in their journey to finding their first true love. 

Chapter 2: My King has blessed me with a job in which I am able to minister to high-school- aged students who have never even heard of His kingdom or the riches that are rightfully theirs. 


Chapter 3: Jesus Christ has nourished in me a love for not only His people, but people who are entrapped by the lie that my Prince Charming still holds to. He has given me opportunities to share with Latter Day Saints and more importantly a hope that one day the dragon that is Mormonism will be slain. 

With countless chapters to be written, I am so grateful for the fleetingly unhappy ending my previous fable had. Because from there is where I found my true Prince Charming, and He will come on a white horse. 

Chapter 4: To be continued...