The Why Behind the Worship | Kalena Kwan

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Worthy are You, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and because of You they existed, and were created.” - Revelation 4:11

We worship God because He is worthy of it. We don’t worship because we enjoy playing or listening to music, or because we love the chills we get when the songs are good and we can clearly feel a move of God - we worship God solely because His name deserves exaltation. But even though worship is all about God, His astounding grace allows us to be part of it too. It’s amazing to be able to, by grace alone, feel God’s presence fill a room while singing praises to the King, but even if we were never privileged enough to feel His power or hear His whisper, His name would still be deserving of praise. Kalena Kwan, one of the high schoolers on the youth worship team, has written about what worship means to her and her experience with God’s grace through the process of worshiping Him and leading others to do the same.

“I am extremely blessed to be a part of the high school worship team. I have been serving on worship teams since junior high, and through these serving opportunities, I’ve grown in my musical ability, in my friendships, and most importantly, in my relationship with Christ. Worship is very important to me because it is not only a way in which we can honor and praise our Savior, but it also an expression of beautiful art that further declares the glory of God.

Ever since I started serving through worship, God has continually been teaching me and growing my walk with Him. Specifically, God has shown me the importance of diligence when serving. Even if I didn’t necessarily feel like serving that week, waking up early for service, or staying after service for practice, God revealed to me that it is important to be diligent in everything, even if it isn’t always recognized by others. No matter what position or role I play on the team, it is important that I present the best of my abilities to the Lord, as that is what He calls us to do.


By serving on the worship team, I feel that I have grown immensely, and that my love for God and serving Him grows continuously as well. If you aren’t currently serving God, I strongly encourage you to start! Even if you do not specifically know where God has called you, just join a ministry that is in need. By being faithful and diligent in your serving, God will eventually lead you to where He wants you to be.”

- Kalena Kwan (high school junior)

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