God at Work: Megan Kaura


God at Work // What God is Teaching Our Students

It’s so easy to get caught up in only focusing on big, clearly visible things that happen in ministry, but sometimes the personal, internal transformations that are going on in people’s lives individually can often go unnoticed. But because all that we do is for our love for God and the desire for His children to know His love and have a personal relationship with Him, it is important that the testimonies of what God is doing in lives individually are talked about too.

Every Tuesday in the month of March, we will be posting a testimony of what God is ministering to and teaching one of our students. This week’s student testimony belongs to Megan Kaura, one of the junior girls in the high school ministry.

“Lately I've been hearing God's voice and experiencing His presence in so many unexpected ways. He's been showing me time and time again the deepness of His love, His might, and the peace that can be found in surrender. 

Through the struggles I've faced in my life so far, I've seen the Lord's greatness and His victory. In times where I feel alone or empty, I'm always reminded that God loves me more than anyone else ever could, and that He will never let me down or let go of me. I relate this back to the song "None But Jesus" by Hillsong, especially the bridge, where it says "All my delight is in You Lord, all of my hope, all of my strength". His love is so much more than I can comprehend, so nerve-wracking, so beautiful. I find my completeness in Him and Him alone.

I am constantly reminded of the strength and victory of Jesus - through every trial, I've had the blessing to be able to see Him as my strength. In past years I used to struggle a lot with my confidence and self-worth, but over time I began to see that my worth is not found in this world, but is found in God's works. Iron Bell's songs "My Confidence" and "Belong to You" really resonate this to me. James 1 verses 2-3 and 12 talk about perseverance and how trials fulfill the glory of God, and I've seen this happen several times in my life, where God has taken away things or made things harder for my good and His glory.

My favorite worship song at the moment is probably "Have It All" by Bethel since it reminds me of the peace and fulfillment that can only be found in Christ. Surrender isn't easy. Sometimes it feels like I'm wrestling with God to hand over a struggle to Him. But once He says "Give this to me, I got this, I'll never let you go", I don't have to fear falling, since I know He will pick me back up and carry me on the shoulders of His mercy. I can say it is well in every circumstance, because always and forever, Christ is in control.”

Far left: Megan Kaura

Far left: Megan Kaura

- Megan Kaura (high school sophomore)