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Be Lifted High - 2018 Winter Retreat Worship Video

We have no words to describe how powerful, personal, and life changing the 2018 Winter Retreat was for us as a ministry and individuals. God met His people on the mountain, and we came down from the retreat changed and ready to advance into this next season with grit and determination. Praise the Lord for what He has done, may His name be lifted high by the way we live and seek His face. 

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Jasmin | Bring To Light

Paul says, "Whatever I am, it is because God poured special favor on me, and it was not without effect." Jasmin was not always who she is today, and who she is today is all because of the grace, love, and faithfulness of Jesus. This is a brief snippet of the story God has written in her life, and how He has redeemed and repurposed her for the good & His glory.

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Video, High SchoolYOUTH

God has done and is doing so much in our lives and our ministry. We were able to capture a few of these stories of God's grace, love, power, and faithfulness in the big and small areas of our lives. 

Thank you Jesus for all that have done and will do in our lives!!

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Video, YouthYOUTHThanksgiving, Jesus

Is it possible to make a significant impact on a student's life, when you only seem them once a week? In this video our youth leader Natalie Baugh shares her heart and some tips on how to make Sunday small groups at church meaningful, and how to develop mentoring relationships outside of church. This will be helpful to you whether you are considering becoming a youth leader, or are already in the ministry. 

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