That retreat information packet you've been looking for


Here it is! That retreat information packet you’ve been looking for! Whether this is your first time joining us for a retreat or your 10th you will find important dates & times, packing list, and some details that you may know or not know to ask about. If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact our High School Pastor Darrell Chambers at


Times to note

Luggage drop off - Wednesday, July 17th (10am - 8:30pm) in the church gym

Arrive: Check in begins at 12pm on July 19th (12pm) in the church gym - eat before arrival (parent/guardian are required at check-in)

Return: Check out/return should be around 2pm on July 2st in the church gym  (We will have students contact parents when an hour away. If a student does not have a phone, a leader in the car will provide a phone to contact parents with.) 


Paperwork…..your favorite!!

Here are the required documents that will need to be downloaded, printed, and signed to turn in at retreat check-in on July 19th.


Luggage…so you have what you need

Packing list suggestions

  • warm weather clothing

  • modest swimsuit (or shirt over two-piece)

  • sandals, close toe shoes

  • Light jacket for nights

  • hat, sunscreen

  • reusable water bottle

  • phone & charging cables

  • Bible, pen, notepad

  • Toiletries (Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)

  • Towel

  • Lip Balm

  • sleeping bag, pillow, blanket

  • money for meal coming back on sunday

    • We will stop off at In-N-Out Burger on the way back from retreat for lunch, each person is responsible for their own lunch.

  • Sleeping Bag


Here are our the activities we will enjoy at retreat, so you can bring things for them!

  • 2 hour access to private lake (Saturday, 3pm-5pm)

  • Sports, basketball, disc golf, swimming, hiking, canoeing


Leaders contact list

Do you need to get ahold of us or somebody at the retreat? Here is a list of our leaders’ contact numbers.

Pastor Josh Terada (Youth Pastor) - (714) 745 - 2868

Pastor Darrell Chambers (High School Pastor) - (714) 322- - 8814

Zack McCoy (Youth Staff / Worship Leader) - (714) 206-1955

Jasmin Hernandez (High School Girls) - (714) 872 - 0084

John Cross (Jr. High Guys) (951) 317 - 4868

Martha Okuno (High School Girls) - (714) 313 - 7110

Catania Calavitta (High School Girls) - (714) 292 - 4843

Ben Garcia (High School Guys) - (714) 362-1062

Eric Laranjo (High School Guys) (714) 585 - 6727


Where we’re going

Cedar Lake Camp

Address: 1100 Mill Creek Rd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Landline: (909) 866 - 5714


So we got a talent show!!

In the past years, talent shows at retreats have made for some of the best and funniest memories.  After taking a break from them for a few years, the famous retreat talent show will be back at this year’s summer camp!  And unlike past talent shows, this one will be a full-out competition called “The Hueys” where we will be giving out actual awards to those who our judges feel deserve them.


What exactly are we doing


4pm- Arrival at Cedar lake

6pm- Dinner

7:30pm- Session: Worship & the Word - Pastor Darrell (Scanland Hall)

9:30pm- Talent Show (Scanland Hall)

11pm- Head back to Herriman Lodge (Lights Out)


8:15am- Breakfast

10am- Morning Session: Richard Frizzel Creation Vs. Evolution (Scanland Hall)

12:45pm- Lunch

2pm to 5pm- Free Time (lake, sports, swimming, hiking, disc golf).

*We have the lake reserved from 3pm to 5pm

6pm- Dinner

7pm- Session: Worship & the Word - Pastor Josh (Scanland Hall)

9:30pm- Fire Pit

11pm- Head back to Herriman Lodge (Lights Out)



8:15am- Breakfast

9am- Morning Service (Scanland Hall)

10am- Depart!!!

Lunch on the way back

1pm-2pm return time in church gym


Here are a few things we’re doing leading up to the retreat

1Unplugged Wide2.jpg

This night is simply about worshipping Jesus. We’ll gather in our senior pastor Bob Kopeny’s house to worship the living God. High school and Jr. high are both invited and welcome. The worship will be lead by our own Youth Worship team. As the name suggests, our team will not be plugged into a sound system or amplified through microphones, the sound of our praise will come from each of our lungs & hearts.

Please RSVP so that we can prepare enough room and accommodations for everybody.

seek week1.jpg

5 Days of fasting before the retreat | Seek Week

Every retreat we gather around the expectation that God will come down and meet us upon mountain for this year's retreat weekend. But, a working faith is a faith that works, and will apply itself to accessing, believing, and persisting in the promises of God. In these 5 days leading to the retreat weekend, anyone who is willing and especially those attending the retreat are invited to join our leadership team in purposing to pray & seek God for the weekend.

The standard Seek Week fast is a a natural fast, where we will restrict ourselves to fruits, vegetables, nuts, and liquids. But, some will also fast from their cell phone, social media, junk food, tv, or other things that take up time and are a normal part of our life. The purpose of this, is to act as a sacrifice and a reminder whenever we feel the urge to eat what we would normally crave, to instead grow our spiritual appetite in prayer. 

Tag us on Instagram @cceayouth when you post about #SeekWeek2019 on your story or feed, so we can share it and encourage each other to seek the Lord!


If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact our High School Pastor Darrell Chambers at