How to sign up a student to serve

PRAISE THE LORD! A student is willing to step out to serve the Lord! For most students serving in our ministry will be their first experience serving God at church, so what they experience will greatly shape their expectations, heart, and future in serving the Lord.

Here is how

Signing up a student to serve

  1. Go to or the Sign Up To Serve area on the CCEA Youth App. (The team they select to serve in is not necessarily the team they will be assigned to. They will be assigned to the team that fits them best.)

  2. Input the student’s information or ask them to do it for themself.

  3. Read through the respective ministry’s Mission Letter with the student and Volunteer Agreement Form and have the student print, sign and return the form to you and give to Pastor Josh. (The Volunteer Agreement Forms are also available on a clipboard in the Youth Room sound booth.)

  4. Schedule student (if you are responsible for scheduling your team)

    Note: Provide student with extra care on the first day.

Students are NOT allowed to be apart of more than one student volunteer team unless approved by Pastor Josh.

Use discretion when scheduling students back-to-back weeks. Ideally schedule students at a pace that can be maintained for years while avoiding burn out or drop in attitude.

Josh Terada