May Update: strength tests, painting pots, leader brunch, and photos

A quick update for the upcoming weeks!

Hey leaders, the month of May is full of different & special things we will do during Sunday services, so I want quickly inform you guys about what will be happening.


No worship, strength finder, and open mic (This Sunday)

This Sunday, I will provide you with “Strength Finder” tests to do in small groups, then go over the results with them.

There will be 24 character strength questions. Example below

“Honest" - You are true to yourself. You allow others to see the real you. You speak the truth. You take responsibility for what you do & say.”

Very much like me / Like me / Not much like me.

You allowThe goal is to help students understand themselves better, so that they know where they need to grow and how they can use their strengths to serve God.

Then it will be an open mic for students and us leaders to share what God is doing in our lives. I want to encourage you to share! (There is a time limit of 4 minutes, which we will have to strictly enforce to give everybody an opportunity to share)


Mother’s Day!!! (May 12th)

For Mother’s Day we will are decorating garden pots for our mom’s. We will provide paint and pots for students to paint, along with seeds and soil to plant a flower in it. I will also run a photo-booth with our Youth Social Media team outside the entrance of the church for all the mom’s of our church to take photos with their families. Please go out of your way this day, to exhort our students to bless and honor their parents (especially their moms).


A leader brunch!! (May 19th)

I want to invite all you leaders to a brunch in the Jr. High room during the 11am service teaching. So if you serve first service, make an exception this week stay upstairs for second, and if you serve second serve as usual, but instead listening to the teaching in the Youth Room you will join me in the Jr. High room. If you are a leader who normally serves Wednesday Night only (Martha, Xavier, & Karissa), I would love to have you both make it to this as well.

There is no real agenda to the brunch other than simply getting together to enjoy each other over some good food.

I will assume you will all be able to make it, but if you can’t please let me know! I don’t want to make too much food and have it go to waste, or have little either!

Photography Ministry | Encourage students to take a photo

Our photo ministry lead by Gina will be taking photos of students & leaders to post on our wall in the Youth Room before and after Sunday services for the month of May. Please encourage students in your small group to get a photo taken. (And if you are not already on the wall, get your photo taken too. I’ve seen that having their photo on the wall can really help kids feel that they belong and are noticed in our ministry.

I hope this update we helpful for you! Thank you for what each of you do for the Lord.

“The Lord is not unjust, He will not forget how hard you have worked for Him. And how you have shown your love for Him by caring for other believers, as you still do.” - Hebrews 6:10