"For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now i know in part, but then i will know fully just as i also have been fully known" - 1 corinthians 13:12

MY PURPOSE: For a long time now, the Lord has given me a deep desire to serve the youth ministry. Now that God has led and placed me here, I believe my purpose as a youth leader is to not only talk about but share and demonstrate God's grace and love in my own life, to always go back to God's word, to pray for them and pray with them, and to encourage the youth to walk in God's truth and light and help them be confident in Christ. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: I would say my favorite memory would be my first day. Just watching for the very first time the worship group and both young teenage girls and boys praise the Lord in such an open way with such zealous love was incredibly amazing and awesome to see!

WHEN I SERVE: 11AM Sunday Services