"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." -  Romans 8:28

MY PURPOSE: Our family desired that our daughter would go to services with us in the main sanctuary when she started seventh grade since she didn't have much fellowship with kids her age at that time. She started going to JHI and as I saw my daughter growing so much in the word and that coupled with the Revival and passion I saw in the leaders of the JHI ministry, the Lord put in my heart that I should serve again.  At the time, my leg wasn't doing well since I had just had knee surgery a couple of months earlier and I prayed that he would heal me sufficiently so that I could serve again.  The Lord had opened the doors to me by divine appointment at that time. Recently, during the Jr. High Mission to San Diego, the Team was short a Leader and I volunteered to go.  That was when the Lord told me he had prepared me for a time like this. Jr. High is such a critical age in the life of a precious child of God.  You can either make a child or break a child during this short period of time, and I'm so privileged that the Lord called me to be used in ways only He had in His perfect plans.  He helped me understand how to teach a child in His ways and to help set the path they should go to follow Jesus.  He also taught me how to help them during this difficult time to transition from a child to a Christ filled young lady or young man.   I have always had a passion for  kids, as I live my life around them, I see the need in their life to trust and focus on our Lord, Jesus Christ.  When life doesn't make sense for them, I teach them to look to God because each and every one of them matters to Him and that is why they matter to me.

FAVORITE MEMORY: When I saw the kids for the first time walking the streets of San Diego with heavy grocery bags, witnessing to the homeless and the passion they worship our living God.

WHEN I SERVE: 11AM Sunday Services and 7PM Wednesday Evening Services